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Siyi, Founder and CEO at Tea Plays

Hello! My name is Siyi. As a tea fanatic,
I generate all ideas!

As a tea fanatic, Siyi's been drinking and learning tea of all origins of Chinese teas and has visited over 17 tea plantations in various tea regions of China and Nepal. She's very much into traditional herbal blends and tea cultures across the world, aspiring to make tea drinking healthy, fun and experiential.

With 6 years of experience in cross-cultural branding and speaking 4 languages, Siyi was the youngest panelist to speak at Horasis Global Vision Meeting 2016 in Switzerland about “Chine brand going global”.

Graduated from ESADE Business School and Rotterdam School of Management, she founded Mannheim-Heidelberg-Karlsruhe Tea Meetup in 2014 in Germany, which now has 522 members over 20 nationalities. This cross-cultural tea experience has directly inspired her to fund Tea Plays back in Shanghai with the most international and fun crew in tea!